golden retrievers shop - Pet Scams -

Buying a pet? Beware of scammers selling non-existent pets and trying to charge you for transport, insurance and crates.
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golden retrievers shop - Pet Scams -

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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 09:53:26 +0100
Message-ID: <399a185f-872d-4b46-b2a0-aed79c201571@Spark>
Subject: Purchase of jack
X-Source-Sender: ([]) []:28650


Thanks for accepting the puppy into your home and I hope the puppy will find love within your family.
I am ready to proceed with the paperwork to be registered under your names and address as the new owner of the puppy.I will also proceed with the shipping and delivery reservation for the puppy to be delivered at your home address. I also have to do the pet sales contract from my names to your names and address as the new owner of the puppy.Before I do all of the above, I will need the payment to proceed.You can do the payment by zelle, cash app , google pay or apple pay. Let us know which payment is ok by you and if we can provide you with our details to do the payment

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Re: golden retrievers shop - Pet Scams -

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The fake domain was registered in January by someone using a privacy service to hide their identity.
Creation Date: 2023-01-04T07:19:26.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2024-01-04T07:19:26.00Z

Registrant Name: Redacted for Privacy
Registrant Organization: Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf

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Re: golden retrievers shop - Pet Scams -

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so where is the fraud

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Re: golden retrievers shop - Pet Scams -

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The fraud is there for everyone to see with the now suspended fake site, requests for dodgy payment methods and the fact that the email posted by falconsfan1 originates from Cameroon.

A more interesting question is why is someone from Pakistan interested in a fake pet scam website that was suspended by it's hosts 6 months ago. I can only guess that you are either really slow or a dumb spammer preparing to spam the forum. I'm going to assume that its the latter and add your email address here so that everyone knows what you are -

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