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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Pay to an investor with gold or Crude oil.


I know it suppressed you ? I got your email contact through proper research from the internet and I found it on Korea ministries of commerce and foreign trade departments, online.

The IBENO Beach is one of the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the longest sand beach in West Africa. The name “IBENO Beach” was coined from its location, IBENO, a Local Government area in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.

1: The State need an Investor who has experience and the financial capacity to build a 7 star hotel along this beach with a game village/event center that will attract tourists in the State,
2: They need an investor who can develop big mechanised farming and Gold meaning with the capacity to create jobs in the State.
3: The State need an investor who can build an Oil refinery and crude oil drilling in their state,
4: The State need an Estate developer who can set up estates for their Legislatures, Commissioners quarters and also for civil servants,
5: Serious investor specialist in building sea ports.

Investors must have the financial capacity to start and finish their projects 100% . Any interested Investor should contact me or write directly to the Executive Governor,Government House Uyo, Akwa Ibom state,and for your information, all money invested should be paid back to an investor with gold or Crude oil.

8tons per hour alluvial production line
( locally made )= #9,200,000
• 6tons per day primary gold production line
( locally made, 5 by #1,800,000 )= #9,000,000
• Miller #1,800,000 by 10= #18,000,000
• Compressor and Jack hammer ( 1 ) #5,000,000
• Welding machine= #2,500,000
• Community and land owner’s settlement/compensation #30,000,000
• Bike (8) #3,600,000
• Worker’s camp, processing yard and office #20,000,000
• Solar power #8,000,000
• Start up running cost= #24,700,000 ( diesel, pms, salaries, blasting materials, working tools,
logistics, etc )
• Total= 130,000,000 ( CASH EXCLUDING CLASS A EQUIPMENT OR #240,000,000 FOR BOTH CLASS A



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From: Ejike Junior <ejikejunior95@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2023 03:55:55 +0100
Subject: Pay to an investor with gold or Crude oil.
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