Dumb Scammer - wizardrecovery@programmer.net

Been scammed previously and now been contacted by the FBI offering compensation? It's the scammers back for more.
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Dumb Scammer - wizardrecovery@programmer.net

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Admin Note: This post was made by a really stupid scammer, who thinks that spamming an anti-scam forum with their scam is a good idea.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely unpredictable, and many people have fallen victim to internet fraud and lost some of their cryptocurrency investments. I too fell for phony telegram personnel. Due to a security breach at my wallet address, I lost all of my cryptocurrency coins totaling $164.000. My home may have been forfeited if I hadn't been able to successfully recover my crypto coins, which made up the majority of my savings and assets. This grieved and depressed me greatly. I complained online, and Wizard Web Recovery was suggested to me.  By assisting me in recouping all of my losses in under six hours, this cryptocurrency recovery company really saved my life. In order to complete the successful recovery of my cryptocurrency assets, I provided the essential requirements and pertinent information. I was ecstatic when I got my coins back. Message wizardrecovery(at)programmer.net, or kindly visit their website page at wizardwebrecovery.net to obtain back your scammed or lost funds.

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Re: Dumb Scammer - wizardrecovery@programmer.net

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Another email address used by this dumb South African scammer - grahammaxine47@gmail.com

From the WhoIs for fake domain wizardwebrecovery.net
Creation Date: 2023-06-13T07:39:32Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2024-06-13T07:39:32Z

Registrant State/Province: Northern Cape
Registrant Country: ZA
From the fake website wizardwebrecovery.net:
500 Terry Francois Street, 6th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94158

Email: wizardwebrecovery@programmer.net

Contact us via Telegram & signal :
+1 (701) 581-4657

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