Been scammed previously and now been contacted by the FBI offering compensation? It's the scammers back for more.
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Thank you for reaching the recovery refund team. We acknowledged your

You are to provide any of the following details document for our team to
check on our system and compare what we have just to be sure we are
actually communicating with the right person.

*Full Name:
*Home Address:
*Any of the identification below is required to be presented.
--Driver License:- Nationality ID Card, International Passport, Amount

*Proof of transactions (if any):
*Recent Phone Number:

Our team will call to speak with you regarding your reimbursement.

Once the message is received, we would proceed with the next step in
connecting your details on the Block chain.

I await your response,

Best Regards,
Int'l Transaction Monitoring Agency_( AML.)_
WhatsApp: +44 7440-1033-97
PO Box 74045 London, NW5 9HF, London, UK )
Blockchain Recovery Dept. (Global International Regulating Org)

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Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 15:11:27 +0200
To: <snipped>
Subject: Re: Crypto Recovery Case #: CFRP-M48

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