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Been told that you've won the Coca Cola lottery? It's a scam. Find out more here.
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You are now the Winner

This message is to let you know that you have been pronounced as the winner of
the SPANISH LOTTERY EURO-MILLIONS. Your email address () attached to
the Ticket Number: 21-32-34-39-48-4 which consequently won the Award lottery
in the 2nd category.

You have been approved to receive € 2,000,000 (two million euros Only)
in cash credited to file reference number: ERL22366. This comes from a
total cash prize of € 14,000,000 (Fourteen million Euros Only) split
among seven (7) international winners in this category.

Good News Greetings

Your fund is now deposited with a financial institution and is insured
in your name.

All entrants were selected through a computerized voting system drawn
from 25,000 email addresses from 7 Continents as part of our international
promotional program. We hope your lucky email address wins a bigger
cash prize in our next draw.

Please contact the Accredited Claims Agent, Mr.
Giotton Lucas via:

We also recommend that you provide the following requirements for
processing and remittance of your payment to your designated bank

(1) Your full name:
(2) Your address:
(3) Your nationality:
(4) Your occupation:
(5) Your date of birth:
(6) Gender:
(7) Mobile phone:
(8) Office telephone:
(9) Your valid ID:

Congratulations once again from our staff and thank you for
participating in our promotional program.

Thabks with

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