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Been offered a job receiving money and sending it to your employer? You're probably a money mule.
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I am Tom, i need a USA based male or female i can make my PAYROLL OFFICER.

Your duty is to help me pay my workers salary now that I’m outside the country for some work.

I will pay in $10,000 to your USA BANK ACCOUNT OR PAYPAL account, and then use $8000 to pay my workers salary and you keep $2000 for yourself. Payment happens 2x in a week and 8x in a month. Means you will earn $16,000 USD every month. This is genuine deal and its continuing.

I will give you my workers account details once you are ready to deal.

PLEASE only TRUSTED and GENUINE person should message me on whatsapp +17867233633 to start working immediately from anywhere in USA ONLY.

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From: Tom <>
Subject: Earn $16,000 USD every month
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2022 14:12:05 +0200

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