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Our Buyers,
We have the below for sale.

2017 Year 3,502Hrs
YEN 9,000,000 FOB Japan.

KOMATSU PC120-8- 84946
2012 Year 3,974Hrs
Rubber Pad, Arm Crane
YEN 4,000,000 FOB Japan.

KOBELCO SK17SR-5- PU10-21870
2017 Year 524Hrs
YEN 1,600,000 FOB Japan.

HITACHI ZX200-5B- 305510
2016 Year 4669Hrs
YEN 4,600,000 FOB Japan.

IHI IPG115B-8E26/4- IPA69230
2000 Year 7,662Hrs 206,497Kms
Chassis ISUZU KC-CVR80K2 (S/No,3000177)
YEN 48,000,000 FOB Japan.

For pictures, please email.
Please advise us of your interest.
Best regards,

Tsushima Tomoshige
Address: 348-0055, Saitama-Ken,
Hanyu-Shi Hanyu, 411-2, Japan.
Tel: +81-485-018-427
Fax: +81-485-018-437
WhatsApp: +81-090-9121-7617 (only).

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