Dumb Scammer - satoshirecov3ry@gmail.com

Been scammed previously and now been contacted by the FBI offering compensation? It's the scammers back for more.
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Dumb Scammer - satoshirecov3ry@gmail.com

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Mod Note: This post was made by a really stupid scammer, who thinks that spamming an anti-scam forum with their scam is a good idea.

This is a great find for me and everyone thats reading. I have been a victim of crypto scammers as well as my sister because we have been naive about information about private keys and wall restoration steps like this ones been highlighted here. If I have learnt something sob far its that there are good people on the internet just like there are bad ones. Because just as I ran into scammers there, I found a great helper her who is a professional ethical hacker with years of experience. i found their email here but not anymore, i wonder why they were deleted, for those that have been requesting here it is ... SATOSHIRECOV3RY@gmail.com
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Re: Dumb Scammer - satoshirecov3ry@gmail.com

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Another email address used by this dumb scammer - annewinburn9@gmail.com.

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