Famed French Bulldog Breeders - pet scam - sales@famedfrenchbulldogs.club

Buying a pet? Beware of scammers selling non-existent pets and trying to charge you for transport, insurance and crates.
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Famed French Bulldog Breeders - pet scam - sales@famedfrenchbulldogs.club

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from: Famed French Bulldog Breeders <sales@famedfrenchbulldogs.club>
date: Jul 21, 2021, 2:39 PM
subject: --------->ZIGGY & BETSY

Before we get started, I'd like you to answer all the questions below if you are interested in our babies for rehoming. Also, they are AKC registered and currently available for either pick up at my address or they can be flown to your nearest airport for pickup and shipping is free since we still have coupons to ship 3 puppies for free. We're selling them for $999.00 flat. They are 10 weeks old and they will be sure to come to their new home happy, healthy, and ready to fill your home with their puppy's love. What are you waiting for? You have found the perfect charming right here.. Before we get started with the buying process, the buyer & the seller must sign a sales contract that would secure his/her money and also our puppies. They are up-to-date on vaccinations and vet checked from nose to tail. These little babies have also started on basic obedience training and are doing exceptionally well.
BUT WHY CHEAP??? (We're giving a 50% discount because we're expecting our new litter on the 28th of next month so we want to sell them in order to reduce the workload since we both have other jobs.
We offer your puppy to be delivered by our personal puppy nanny to your nearest airport for no additional charge. Your puppy rides up front just like a passenger. This keeps the puppy calm and makes sure the puppy does not get too hot or cold. We never ship a puppy in cargo. Our puppy nanny hand delivers the puppy to you at the airport the day of delivery. We sell two puppies for a discounted price of $999. You can still buy just one for just $600.

Our puppy’s package includes:
==>1-year health guarantee and 30 Day Warranty for puppies.
==> Up to date vaccinations/record
==> Deworming
==> Microchip
==> Health certificate
==>Lifetime support from over 10 years experience from a vet technician.
==> We ship worldwide with a pet nanny.

With our puppy's safety in mind, please take time to answer all the questions below so we can be sure that you are the right match for our little one.
==>Please tell us a little about yourself and the home environment you would provide for one of our puppies? * if it's your first experience with this breed...........?
==>Do you have a pool? *If Yes, is the pool fenced in (please describe)?
==>How soon will you be ready to make the purchase....?
==>Where are you located( CITY/STATE) .....?

==>What is your contact number to call or text you....?
Please email back to let us confirm how soon you wish to purchase the puppy so we can proceed with paperwork/shipping arrangements if need be.
Thank You.
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Re: Famed French Bulldog Breeders - sales@famedfrenchbulldogs.club

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From: Famed French Bulldog Breeders <sales@famedfrenchbulldogs.club>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 14:20:50 -0500
Subject: Re: --------->ZIGGY & BETSY

My Zelle Information:

Add to contact Zelle User ID or Recipient:** sduvondre@gmail.com **

Full Name: Duvondre Smith

Amount: $999.

Memo: For Ziggy & Betsy
Send me a screenshot as soon as money is sent.

Attached to this email is a copy of the sales contract/ agreement. Please, kindly review it, visit a library to print it out and sign it or sign it through your email, send me a copy back along with the payment information.

Also, in the event where you don't have a printer, just reply back to this email that " I ACCEPT ALL THE TERMS IN THIS CONTRACT"


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