Help Please

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Help Please

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I am listed on Fraud Fighters Online as a scam. But I am not a scam and niether is my product.
I was listed by Hans Neesantoes whom I don't know and have never done any business with him. Please advise how I get the listing removed.
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Re: Help Please

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Hans is an experienced member of our team, so if he says something is a scam then it almost certainly is.

But there's not much we can do to investigate your claims if we don't know which of the many scams that Hans has posted you are referring to. So, the best thing you can do is post a link to where Hans has posted your details.

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Re: Help Please

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I guess that Topgunza011 has realised that he is a scammer and doesn't want the post he was talking about removed, since he returned earlier today, but didn't bother providing a link to the post.

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