Fake HMRC - 0203 9300 510

Scams committed over the phone such as IRS and Windows Support scams.
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Fake HMRC - 0203 9300 510

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The below UK account is being used now by fake HMRC scammers. I just spent 30 mins on the phone with them and recorded it. They said I owe back taxes and asked me to login to my online banking whilst they listened. I agreed to send the fee of £1354 to:

Elemir Bartos

The scammer posing as an HMRC official read it to me and told me to send the monies into it whilst he waited on the phone with me.

There was a hubbub in the background as it is clearly a large call centre and many other people were being defrauded. The UK landline that connects to them is: 0203 9300 510

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Re: Fake HMRC - 0203 9300 510

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I have been proudly saying that I am quite smart and able to recognise these kind of things. And yet...

...I fell for them... They found me at work after barely having slept and not being perfectly aware of how things work.
They seemed so incredibly genuine that I fell for them. My self esteem will never come back to normal. I will never be the guy who can say he has never been "pranked".

I am now studying hard all kinds of cybersecurity and social engineering techniques to find these bastards and report them, get them prosecuted.

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