busmo72@gmail.com - Francis Bus-Moses

Been offered a lease on a SBLC or a BG? It's almost certainly a scam.
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busmo72@gmail.com - Francis Bus-Moses

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Bank Instrument Scam from LinkedIn:
Francis Bus-Moses MBA, FCCA
Global Financing Solutions & Business Strategist Stocks|Securities|Projects|BG|LC|SBLC

Are you looking for Timely Cashflow & Liquidity?

The Good News is that Stone Creek Global Ltd, a Private Capital Fund offers fast and easily accessible Stock Loans & Securities Financing.
No Guarantees, No Personal Liabilities,
Non-Recourse and No transfer of Title
So your Stock is well PROTECTED as you continue to enjoy Dividends and Capital gains.
We are always open to work with you as a Client or a Referring Partner.

Please Let's Talk NOW
or email me at....busmo72@gmail.com

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