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Looking to rent a property, find out here how scammers can try to take advantage of you.
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Scam -

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I'm looking for a rental and was sent this by after applying on a site. It just seems odd to me, way to much info in the email and the pictures were just too perfect. Anyone got any idea if this is real?

Thank you for your interest in my apartment, it is still available. I
will try to give you as many details as I can regarding the apartment
in the following email.

The full address of the apartment is 15 St George St, Boston, MA
02118. Everything is just like in the pictures, fully equipped with
all the appliances you need, very clean and well kept. The apartment
can be rented furnished or if you want you can use your furniture and
deposit mine in the storage unit. I work as an civil engineer and the
company I work for has developed projects all around the world. Now, I
have received an very good offer from them to move to the United
Kingdom department, offer that I have accepted.

The apartment is vacant so you can move-in anytime you want, also my
contract in UK is for the next 6 years, so for this period, I will not
return 100%.

The rent of 1000$/month is for the whole apartment and includes all
the utilities: heat, water, electricity, parking, laundry in-suite,
washer and dryer also included, cable and internet. You will have full
access to all building amenities. Just in case repairs are needed
there, I will cover the costs, so no worries. The price I'm asking is
below the market because I want to find a responsible tenant to take
good care of the place.

I'm the owner of the apartment, it's already paid in full and there is
no mortgage on it. You have everything you need near-by (public
transportation, schools, groceries etc.). Also I love pets, so if you
have any pets, I won't have any problem, pets are allowed. Honestly
from point of view I'm sure that You'll love it for sure and rent it
on spot.

I would like to know how many people will live in the apartment and
also which rental contract do you prefer to start with - 6 months or 1
year with option of renewal?

Please let me know if you are really interested in the place so we can
discuss further.

Thank you and look forward hearing from you!

PS: I attached you all the pictures that I have with the apartment (as
you can see everything is in absolutely perfect condition).

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Re: Scam -

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Thanks for posting, it is a definite scam. The domain is fake and was only registered a couple of months ago by someone using a privacy service to hide their identity. It also has no website attached and appears to just be being used for emails.

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