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I sincerely hope your week is awesome.

I am not sure if you saw the details I sent you yesterday about the position of Acquisitions Management Assistant (Remote) currently available with Finance City Group (FCG) so I am taking this opportunity to follow-up with you and let you know I think you are a great match with this position.

It is important for me to fill this post of Acquisitions Management Assistant (Remote) immediately and I can tell you upfront that the position pays very well and your schedule is very flexible.

You may find additional details about the post I am proposing enclosed.

I work with Finance City Group (FCG) as a Senior Broker and if you choose to move forward with the post of Acquisitions Management Assistant (Remote) you will be working directly with me and, in the interest of saving your time and mine, I want to disclose upfront that I am speech/hearing impaired. It is my hope that we can work with this handicap.

Please reach out to me in the next 2 days to let me know if this something you are interested in.

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