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Been offered a lease on a SBLC or a BG? It's almost certainly a scam.
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Bank Instrument Scam from LinkedIn:
Mark Lester Bade
President & CEO, Asialink Marketing International

All Subject to compliance, verification and market timing - we now have Three platforms that can monetize Heritage Funds:

PARTY 1: Requires simple generic CIS and POF for submission. JVAs allowed up to 20%. This would be shared with Platform so we would share in a 10% JVA. No direct fees from platform. Return is between 12% and 15% per week. Contract can be 1 to 5 years. Several trading banks used but Credit Suisse preferred/Standard Chartered Bank.

PARTY 2: Requires full (generic) KYC and POF for submission. JVAs absolutely NOT allowed. Fees are between 0.5% and 3% depending on volume, etc. Trading bank would be HSBC London. Return is between 80% and 100% monthly in 50/50 JVA with platform.

PARTY 3: Requires CIS , if possible, KYC . This is off-ledger monies , where profits can be placed into trade or taken out. 40% of profits to the Holder. Fees 1% – 3% based on quantum. Trade Bank is HSBC.

WhatsApp: +639154472867

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