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If you are looking for a loan online, then scammers are waiting to take advantage of you.
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Hans Neesantoes
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Loan Scam from LinkedIn:
Siva Pillarisetty, Global Projects Funding at Plate Ltd
Plate Company - Plate Ltd., Golden Crown Group Canada, Inc - 100% Project Funding Loan, Finance, 20M-100B+ USD

Global Projects Funding: 6/24/2020

Update - Special procedures due to pandemic.

Please still get in touch with me to start negotiations for 20M-100B USD

- Site visit dates can be deferred up to 90 days due to the pandemic

- Normally the project owner can differ the site visit up to 30 days

- We can complete as much as we can on online, have video calls, then do the onsite visit once travel restrictions are not present.

- Virtual Site Visit can be done if it comes down to it.

My function is:

- Loan/Transaction Originator & Processor.
- Servicing of deal flow.
- Packaging & bundling of projects for funding.
- Packaging and bundling of M & A deals
- New project funding
- M & A Funding
- Ri-fi of business/project in coordination debt consolidation, working capital for expansion, equipment, renovations, acquisitions, etc.

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Re: - Siva Pillarisetty

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Admin Note: This post was made by the scammer himself in a futile attempt to continue scamming his victims. We are leaving it here to show how far these disgusting creatures will go to try and steal from their victims.

To whom it may concern:

It never ceases to amaze me, how people seem to shoot themselves in the foot, posting lies, when they are so far from the truth calling me a Linked In Bank Instrument Scam. Those are nothing but futile attempts at liable, slander, etc. One can say it is background noise from people that do not want to follow procedures.

I have notified the webmaster of this site and I would suggest you remove the post.

Dear Webmaster,

It has come to my attention some lies were posted on your website about me. If you could be as so kind to remove it in full, that would be great. All is good at Plate/GCCC as I have been here for 4 years and have had no problems with anyone. Furthermore, I have lived in Chicago area, US Citizen with great reputation, long track record of funded deals, and your posting is upsetting. The post by Hans Neesantoes calls me a Linked In scam, instrument scammer. I don't sell instruments, I do fully underwritten loan.


My attorney & government both agree that my life has been put in grave danger by those lies calling me instrument & Linked In scammer. Any crazy person such a serial killer with a finance background may read these things, and try take violent action on me.

Please take care of my request.

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Dr Sheldon Cooper
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Re: - Siva Pillarisetty

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Hello dumb scammer Siva Pillarisetty, thank you for wasting your time registering to try and continue spreading your lies.

Do you seriously think that any legitimate financial services provider would by spamming dodgy groups on LinkedIn offering billion dollar loans :lol:

Searching the web, I can see that this isn't the first time that you've been outed as a scammer, is it? 3 years ago, your 'company' claimed to be located in Toronto, Canada at an address that turned out to be a shopping mall. Probably time for you to give up on the scamming, you're clearly not very good at it.

Here's another email address used by dumb scammer Siva Pillarisetty -

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