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Been told that you've won the Coca Cola lottery? It's a scam. Find out more here.
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We would like to inform the user of this email that you have been selected from the lucky winners to receive £ 1,150,000.00 as an active user in the recently concluded Google Online Prize Draw. Please complete the following information for further information and claims. Your winning number is GFP / 955 / GPWIN / US

(1) Your address:
(2) Your phone:
(3) Your nationality:
(4) your full name:
(5) Profession:
(6) your gender:

Congratulations on behalf of the Google team.

Note: This is the third time we've tried to contact you.
Mr. Larry,
Google's online director
76 Buckingham Palace Road, WC2H 8AG London.

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Subject: Google Lottery winner
To: Recipients <>
From: Google Winner Notification <>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:38:27 +0300

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